ISA Request Form

Use this form to request our ISA to help you work your leads

*Additional fees apply depending on which membership plan you are

Who do I contact when it comes to billing?

For all Billing information, please email [email protected]

How do leads get qualified?
Our main goal is to qualify leads into:
• Live Transfers (3-way conference once the lead is open to speak to the agent
at that time)
• Appointment (Wants to meet within 1 week, in person)
• Phone Appointment (Wants a follow-up call from an agent)
• Nurture (Not ready to meet yet, qualified lead)

Other qualifications may be:
• Partially Qualified (at least know they are interested in purch.)
• Unqualified (is not interested in purchasing or bad info)
• Working (still attempting contact)
• Uncontacted (no response after touches)

Which CRMs do you integrate with?
We can integrate with:
• Rose Ave. CRM (GHL)
• Follow Up Boss
• Liondesk
• Active Campaign
• Hubspot
How do I get started?
You can get started by filling out the request form located above on this page. After you fill out the request form. Someone from our team will contact you and we will send you a Recurring Billing Authorization. After we receive the RBA form, we will begin our 7 Step Onboarding Process.
What is the onboarding Process?

We have 8 steps to launching your campaigns once we have our meeting:

  1. Step 1 – Submit Your ISA Request Form
  2. Step 2 – Fill out your Recurring Billing Authorization Form
  3. Step 3 – Phone number: ordering your phone number takes 1-2 days. This step is crucial for us to be able to call your leads with the right area code.
  4. Step 4 – Wait to receive custom inbox: (after we receive the form and we order the phone number) it’s an e-mail address with a few letters and
  5. Step 5 – We set up the Lead Forwarding Integration for you inside GHL (or zapier if you’re not using GHL.)
  6. Step 6 – We test the lead and make sure the format is correct for everything to run smoothly.
  7. Step 7 – We will send you the “launch e-mail”: During this time, we take a look at everything. We make sure the test is running, the phone number is working, the CRM is successfully integrated and we have the reporting finished.
  8. Step 8 – Launch: at this point, we’re ready. We’re sending you your report links and waiting for “new leads” from/for you.
What is the cost per lead for the ISA?

Your cost for ISA will vary depending on which level of membership you are with our DAX Program. 

If you’re on the Bronze Plan, your cost Per Lead will be $12/lead with a one time setup fee of $997.

If you’re on the Gold Plan, your cost Per Lead will be $10/lead with a one time setup fee of $497.

If you’re on the Platinum Plan, your cost Per Lead will be $8/lead with a one time setup fee of $197.

How many ISAs are calling my leads?

We a strategic partner with our vendor who has a growing team of 50+ ISAs who are all USA bound and native English speakers.

What time are my leads being called?

Our ISAs work from Monday thru Friday 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM Central, and weekends from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Your leads will be called in their or your timezones to ensure connection.

When can we launch our campaign?

It usually takes a week to get everything set, if there’s a CRM to integrate with that can add 3-5 days (depending on the integration). If it’s been longer, please reach out to [email protected]

What kind of notifications are being sent out by the ISA to us?

Depends on the qualification of the lead:

In-person Appointments and Phone Appointments are getting sent in text notification, in an e-mail notification, and via calendly to our client’s calendar.

These are only being sent in e-mail form:

  • Appointment
  • Phone
  • Appointment
  • Nurture
  • Partially Qualified
  • Unqualified
  • Uncontacted
  • Stop Contacted (requested)
How long can I pause my campaign without having to pay a reactivation fee?

Please let us know if you need to pause the campaign, normally your custom inbox and phone number are automatically deleted after 30 days of inactivity.

What calendars do we support?

At the moment, we are only working with Calendly, or a Rose Ave.’s CRM GHL calendar link. We do not support Google or Outlook calendar links.

Is your ISA Team in-house?

No, our ISA Team is outsourced and we white-label this as a service for you. However, all of the ISA Team members are required to be USA bound and be Native English Speakers.