Cancellation & Refund Policy

For all services to be rendered on behalf of client partner

Cancellation Policy

By working with Rose Ave. Media, you agree to the following terms with no exceptions:

For all Done For Your Clients:

While Rose Ave. Media, LLC prides themselves in offering a month to month service, we do have a strict cancellation policy in place to help us run our services more smoothly.

This cancellation policy is activated immediately upon the first payment that is given toRose Ave. Media, LLC. In other words, as soon as we begin working together, you agree to the following terms:

  • If you’d like to cancel or pause Rose Ave. Media’s monthly services, you must notify one of the Rose Ave. Media team members in writing at least 14 days before your next payment is due.
  • If you write to us less than 14 days before, the day of or the day after your payment, we cannot cancel or pause services for that month. With that in mind, we are happy to cancel or pause services for the following month.
  • Rose Ave. Media LLC, does not do any sort of refund. As soon as a payment goes through, Rose Ave. Media, LLC cannot reverse it. The only way to prevent a future payment from going through is by notifying one of the Rose Ave. Media’s team members in writing at least 14 days before it goes through.

For all Done With You Clients (DAX & Other Digital Products):

Because of the sensative and proprietary nature of our intelectual property and support, coaching and SAAS services, customers will rarely qualify for refunds, cancelations, or deffered payments. Upon the rare case customers may be eligible for refund consideration, the following criteria must be met and reviewed by a senior manager: 
  • Within a 5 Day Window, You must provide clear documentation and show your work from the from the initial orientation and training/coaching modules inside of the DAX University. Also include any and all implementation proof of non facebook advertising training included that you have executed beyond the intial modules.
  • The preceding proof of implementation must be sent to a company manager in the format required: [email protected]
  • An audit and review call must be scheduled with a senior team member after your screenshots have been reviewed and approved. You must show active performance and implementation of the system. Any potential cases can only be initiated by phone at 215-709-8423. Accounts cannot be bound or modified via email or voicemail. If you have a binding financing agreement (or are on a 2-pay, or 3-pay plan,) you are bound to the terms and conditions and will be held to our terms, policies, and procedures.
We understand that this is a very strict cancellation policy, but this is the only we we are able to offer a month to month service and solution.

Thank you for your understanding in advance,
– The Rose Ave. Team